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Abby is a highly skilled, inordinately committed and deeply sensitive practitioner of Somatic Experiencing.  I made great progress in resolving the residues of my past traumas while working with Abby, thanks not only to her skill but also to her kindness, compassion, patience and her devotion to her work and continual learning.  I highly recommend Abby for people who are serious about getting free from the symptoms of their past trauma.

- D.H., psychologist

I first began working with Abby to get over a 27-year old driving phobia. With her calm and patient guidance, I was able to do things I never thought possible - drive without anxiety, earn a driver's license, and expand my sense of independence and freedom in the world. After this major accomplishment, my work with Abby continued to deepen. I grew in my ability to listen to my body, feel attuned to my wants and needs, make decisions for myself with discernment and compassion. I learned tools for self-care and stress-reduction. I learned the warning signs of anxiety and gained a deeper understanding of my triggers and the effects of childhood trauma on my present which helped me feel less overwhelmed by panic and unhelpful thought patterns. I learned how to even-out the feeling of bouncing between emotional highs and lows, and instead find a sense of peace, contentment and groundedness somewhere safe in the middle. I learned the importance of clear and healthy boundaries, open and honest communication, and a true sense of myself - my wants, needs and dreams. I have deep gratitude for my work with Abby. It's truly amazing how much stronger, healthier and joyful I feel.

- Hannah, teacher 

Abby has been such a lovely person to work with. From helping to ground me through somatic practices when I’ve dissociated to helping me ask for what I need in relationships, she has been a solid, loving, gentle person with great insight.  She shared practices to help me with work challenges in my role as a teacher which has been extremely helpful, especially as she’s had experience teaching before coming to the healing practice she now offers.  Abby has consistently been a great person to push me in a gentle way, helping me work through blockages.  She’s encouraged me to lean into my discomfort with confrontation, to better understand what I need, and settle me when I’ve been triggered.  She helped me learn how to assert myself, express frustration which I used to bottle up and feel into difficult feelings knowing someone is there to help me work through them.  Abby has helped me grow so much.  She has an amazing gentleness, which is exactly what I needed as I worked through early childhood trauma. When I first started seeing her, I was recovering from Lyme disease and not doing very well.  She has nurtured me back to health.  I highly recommend Abby for anyone who feels stuck and would like to work with an extremely experienced, grounded, well-rounded, insightful, gentle, loving soul that provides great insight.

- Clara, teacher

When I started working with Abby, I had just gotten married and was stuck in some vestigial, not-so-married version of my identity.  As a particularly body-based person, I was intrigued by the idea of attuning to the physical experience of emotions and thoughts in order to uncover…something. I had no idea how deeply Abby’s work would strike me.  In the three intensive months we spent together (I had to move out of state), Abby helped me uncover who I’ve been all along. During each session, she folded her wise insight into the somatic therapy process and capitalized expertly on the previous week's realizations.  I’d come home from each session excited to share what we'd uncovered.  Abby helped me realize that, between my youth and the person I am today, there’s not nearly as much distance as I’d long thought.  I now put so much less pressure on myself.  I don’t “other” my thoughts.  I experience all of life’s offerings not just with my mind, but with my heart and my gut.  I am now fully married—and boy, is it great.  My time with Abby was brief, but her lessons only ring truer and louder, a sensation that I expect to persist. 

- F.C., marketing associate

The gentle-touch technique you taught us to help with Betty's TMJ pain has been the most effective treatment we have ever found for her pain and anxiety!!!  We use it often, at least once a day, and usually more, and it always provides relief!  It is such a huge boon to us to know that when her pain and anxiety begins to increase that there is something that we can do to stem-the-tide and provide relief and respite!  It used to be that once this type of situation started, our best efforts often did not solve the problem.  We tried going for drives with peaceful music, listening to relaxation recordings, and many other things, and this technique is hands-down the most effective and reliable that we have ever used.  It has been helping us consistently for weeks, now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

- Betty & Al


Abby's capacity to see the connections in experience of body and mind is really astonishing.  I've been committed to healing fibromyalgia and anxiety for years, but had come to a standstill.  Over the time we've worked together, Abby has been monumentally insightful in helping me connect the dots between my physical, mental, and emotional experiences.  I am not new to self-awareness practice, but Abby has been able to discern subtle patterns that eluded me on my own.  With her keen insight, I've been able to alter my movement and meditation practices in profound and refined ways.  Every time I come in for an appointment, I know I will leave having discovered a new gem, a new key in my search for health and wholeness.

- A.W., graduate student


Abby's relaxation work with me prior to major surgery was invaluable in lowering my stress and anxiety.  Then, during chemotherapy, her gentle bodywork helped ensure that the chemo circulated where it was most needed.  Her careful, caring work helped me stay calm and focused through a long, hard medical journey.  I recommend her highly. 

- Susan S, educator/researcher


I felt great after leaving our session today.  You are an awesome teacher and the exercises are wonderful.  Thank you so much for all you taught me!  You're a wonderful, caring teacher, and I'm so glad I had the experience of learning from you. 

- Kay W., stay at home mom


I wanted to let you know that, surprisingly, I think I already see the benefits of Hanna Somatics movements on my body.  My back overall is much better.  It has been great to feel energetic, brave and capable.  Hanna Somatics is retraining my brain and mind/body communication!

- A.V.


As a therapist myself, I wanted the experience of this somatic therapy so I could clearly describe some of the process to my clients.  Since we are body, mind and spirit, integrating body is vital for mental and physical health thus healing the soul.  This work is very powerful gentle and a fabulous addition to talk therapy. 

- Janice G, psychotherapist, nurse


Learning Hanna Somatics from you has greatly helped minimize my chronic pain and muscle tension from Fibromyalgia.  Before I started working with you, the range of motion in my neck was very limited.  I have now learned to consciously relax my tight muscles, increase my overall ease of movement and be more aware of my body.  Thanks for all of your help! 

- Leslie S.





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