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Hanna Somatic Education, Somatic Experiencing and NARM in Oakland CA

Somatic Therapy:

Somatic Experiencing is a mindfulness and body-based inquiry practice that focuses on the psycho-physiology of stress, fear and trauma.  Sessions are designed to calm your nervous system and relieve a variety of physical and emotional symptoms caused by chronic stress, including anxiety, depression, chronic tension and chronic pain.  


Somatic Education:

Hanna Somatic Education  is a unique form of physical therapy or neuromuscular re-education that combines sensory awareness training with slow, gentle movement to trigger the brain to release muscle tension and relieve chronic pain as well as stress and trauma patterns in the body.


What these two methods have in common is the notion that the information we need to find our way out of suffering is to be found by staying present inside ourselves (in our body, in particular), and keeping ourselves really good company as we traverse difficult or unknown territory.   Both modalities teach self-care tools to help you take charge of your healing process.


abby rose somatic therapies ~ oakland ca ~ online sessions available

narm, somatic experiencing & hanna somatics for stress, trauma, ptsd & chronic pain

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